Coast Physical Therapy provides outpatient physical and aquatic therapy, rehabilitation and restorative patient care services. We are dedicated to improving our patients' quality of life. All of our therapy programs are designed with personalized goals in mind. Not only do we strive to return each patient safely and quickly to prior levels of activity, we also offer various programs for long-term healthy living.


COAST is proud to be the Official Physical Therapist of the PSA World Championships

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Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists help patients to regain their strength and balance, increase range of motion, and decrease pain. Through therapeutic exercise programs, COAST patients can increase their strength, muscle function, coordination, endurance, and mobility. This is especially important after a fall, injury, or surgery.

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Aquatic Rehabilitation

COAST's aquatic therapy uses water to reduce weight-bearing conditions on weakened muscles and compromised joints, utilizing the low-gravity environment to increase range of motion, improve circulation and aid in the healing process. This therapy is great for arthritic joints, joint replacements and significant muscular weakness.

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Wellness Programs

Our Wellness programs help patients improve their health and maintain or regain their fitness while supporting and promoting independence. These include exercise classes, fitness education, and focus on both mind and body. COAST provides the resources, motivation, and encouragement to help patients find satisfying levels of personal wellness.

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